Natural Crystal Water Flasks

Alkalize Your Body Naturally:

Crystals re-vitalize the microbial structure of water, increasing oxygenation for effective absorption in the body.

After 8 minutes of crystal infusion, the water PH levels rise to 8.05, resulting in alkaline water. Such alkaline molecular structure is closely similar to that of natural spring water.

Alkalized water supplementation has been used in Japanese culture for years. It is a powerful natural solution to neutralize internal acidity caused by poor diet, stress, and other external toxins.

Moreover, alkaline water further supports immunity, enhances hydration, and has other detoxifying properties.

Eco Friendly - Contemporary Design

  • Made from sustainable, ethically sourced, and entirely natural materials.
  • Food grade stainless steel, industrial glass and rubberized spill proof bottom.
  • Includes a snug and spill proof heat-resistant cover.
  • Twist-off parts to ensure for easy cleaning and dishwasher safe.
  • Each center crystal is handcrafted to distinction.
  • 24 oz (700 mL) fluid capacity.

Formulation of the Crystal:

Each crystal flask will have distinctive patterns in comparison to the image. After all, it is a natural crystal. As a customer, you will obtain an unique crystal all your own.